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Are you looking to get FREE 50 CET Tokens by just answering simple questions?

Today, in this post I’m gonna show you how to get free 50 CET Tokens from CoinEx Airdrop Station and CoinEx airdrop answers.

What is CoinEx?

CoinEx Homepage

CoinEx ($CET) is a Global Crypto Currency exchange founded in December 2017 with over 2M+ users and 15+ supported languages like English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean and providing crypto currency trading in over 100+ countries/regions. It’s expected to add 20+ more languages till 2021.

According to CoinMarketCap data, CoinEx weekly visits are 1,309,302 (1.3M). It supports 509 trading markets and 300+ coins available for trading.

CoinEx Token – $CET

$CET is a native value added token of CoinEx exchange. It was issued on Ethereum ERC-20 protocol and later on it has been migrated to it’s own smart chain CoinEx Smart Chain ( acting as a gas.

CoinEx CET token information

CoinEx Token CET Circulation, Price, Repurchase and Burning

Since release, CET has been issued and circulated via airdrop incentives, transaction fee discounts, promotions, and team unlocking, etc. 

Meanwhile, according to the applications of CET, CoinEx will repurchase and burn CET every day with 50% of its transaction fee income, and burn all the CET repurchased monthly at the end of each month, until the total supply of CET reduces to 3 billion.

Combining users’ feedback and careful consideration, CoinEx made a decision on March 12, 2021. That is, when the “3 billion” target achieved, CoinEx will continue to use 20% of its fee income for CET repurchase and burning until CET is completely burned.

Circulating Supply3,909,450,928.45 CET 
Latest Price0.09454337 USD
Circulating Market Value369,612,665.62 USD
Total Supply3,927,894,262.00 CET
Burned6,009,344,220.42 CET
To be burnt18,433,333.55 CET

CoinEx Airdrop Station – Get FREE 50 CET Tokens

CoinEx Airdrop Station

First of all, Create an account on CoinEx ( Signup ).

To participate in event, steps are as follows:

CET Airdrop Location

Just Click on the “Airdrop” button.

If you don’t find a button, just Click here.

CET Airdrop Duration

From 00.00 November 8, 2021 to 00.00 November 23, 2021 (UTC Time).

CET Airdrop reward details

CoinEx Airdrop Details

Total Airdrop amount: 5,000,000 CET

Airdrop per account: 50 CET

Airdrop method: Time Limited 

To be rewarded: 100,000 participants

CET Airdrop Requirements

During the event, those users who will meet the following requirements will get FREE 50 CET tokens. Note: This event is time limited ( First Come, First Served). 

So make sure to enter into this event as soon as possible. ( Signup now ). The airdrop conditions are given below:

  1. KYC Verification: Just Go to your account setting and complete KYC (it’s so simple).
  2. No CET Holdings: Means since the creation of your account, you didn’t have any CET or you didn’t buy any CET tokens.
  3. Learn about the project: Study the project introduction and answer simple 3 questions and enjoy free 50 $CET tokens.


CoinEx is offering this event for a limited time. So Make sure to participate in this airdrop as soon as possible. If you have any problem, let me know in the comments. I’ll reach out to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

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